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Come, walk with us.

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Lysterfield Lake, January 2020. This was when we first thought about starting a family travel blog.

As a family, we wanted a shared passion that we could call 'our thing', and that's exactly what walks and travels became to us. Whether we're out for a stroll around the neighbourhood and walking down the same streets for the umpteenth time, or tackling a 15-kilometre urban walk on the weekend, or driving up to the mountain or down to the coast for a hike, or walking from one tourist attraction to another in a wondrous land, we're together and doing 'our thing'.

When we decided to start this blog, we asked ourselves why we enjoyed travelling. Our main reasons?

Researcher, photographer and reflector
Researcher, photographer and reflector
  • Learning about new places, cultures and innovations

  • Experiencing them with my family

  • Enjoying the change

Photographer and reflector (cartoonist + writer)
Photographer and reflector (cartoonist + writer)
  • Seeing all the new things that I may not have seen ever before in my life

  • Spending time with my parents

  • Doing something different

Researcher, photographer and reflector
Researcher, photographer and reflector
  • Creating memories with my family

  • Learning new things

  • Recording my experiences

How do we go about it all? Here are the 'before', 'during' and 'after' of our travels. The 'before' is the research. Where, what, when, why and how. The 'during' is the experience. Most are photographed, some only lived and remembered. And the 'after' is the reflection. As we organise the photos, and record our thoughts and memories, we re-live our travels.

This blog is now part of our reflection. What does it add to the hundreds of thousands of travel blogs already out there? We hope it adds different perspectives, different voices, including a soon-to-be teen's. Our blog is about all sorts of travels - a day's walk, a short trip within the state or Australia, or a relatively long holiday overseas, Our posts will bring together our research, our experience and our reflection. We hope they inspire you to make travelling 'your thing'.

Seurasaari Open-Air Museum, September 2022
Rakesh-ShNaajh-Tupur, April 2023

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1 Comment

Apr 14, 2023

What a beautiful way to record what we enjoy doing and to inspire others! Well done and may the tribe increase✌️✅🌺

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